Tantanmen/spicy Bamboo noodle which is a signboard menu here is delicious with white sesame rich and peppermint. I ordered with a spicy version today. It is super delicious. And it was harder than it looked. On that day all day, the buttocks fell. Very satisfied. JR Nishikawaguchi, West entrance, flat noodle shop? “Eikichi” I did・・・

Hemp miso ramen (Asahikawa Miso Ramen · Bunkatsu)Tokyo/Kabuki-cho)


Asahikawa Miso Ramen/Bankatu While walking in Shinjuku and Kabukicho, Asahikawa Miso Ramen! That’s it! After all, spicy mania! = Hemp chicken miso ramen It is not interesting just with miso ramen. There was, “hemp meat miso ramen”. With that. The clerk said to me. There are up to 1 to 5 spicy, but which one・・・

Negi Miso Batter Ramen(KURUMAYA_Ramen)TOKYO

Negi Miso Batter Ramen(KURUMAYA_Ramen)TOKYO

After all · leek · miso · butter! I want to eat it. It is a Kurumaya Ramen! What’s a Kurumaya Ramen? History of Kurumaya Ramen In 1968 (Showa 43), founder Mitsuo Kusano opened “Udon and Soba Store” in front of Akase Station of the National Railways. Then, in 1970 (Showa 45) the name of・・・

Limited time/Chilled sesame seeds (HIDAKAYA)

Miso taste
Limited time/Chilled sesame seeds (HIDAKAYA)

Characteristics of “Hot Chiller” system of Hidaka store Hidaka ‘s “chilling Chinese style” “is characterized by the separation of noodles / ingredients / tangle as follows. It is good to eat all together, and it is good to eat like noodles as you like, and it is quite user-friendly. Slippery noodles, it looks tasty. Classic・・・

Pork bone ramen [Hakata Tenjin] (Shinbashi, Tokyo)

Pork bone ramen [Hakata Tenjin] (Shinbashi, Tokyo)

Hakata Tenzin There was something to happen at Shimbashi. I recently wanted to eat authentic Pork bowls ramen, remembering that I wrote a memory memo for pig bone ramen. I have eaten in Shinjuku · Kabukicho. It was serious. Do not hesitate to go straight to “Hakata Tenjin” in Shimbashi east exit! ! I’ve come.・・・

Only Negi Ramen 【Nanden-Kanden】 (Ishikawa)

Tonkotsu taste

Memories of Only Negi Ramen This was memories of old days, when I lived in Kanazawa around 2000, I made a Tonkotsu ramen shop called “Nandenkanden”. At that time, I was eating “Only Negi Ramen. On that full onion goosele, sprinkle with sesame astragalus 4 cups or so. There are lots of red ginger. And・・・

Yuzu salt vegetables Ramen [Kokurakuen] (Saitama)

Yuzu salt vegetables Ramen

“Yuzu salt vegetables ramen” of Kokurakuen What shall we have today? The catch of the menu feels nice. Student clothing = Yuzu salt = sweet and sour = youth & summer so chilled Chinese. OK. It took it. I should have gone with Yuzu salt. It is before summer. I want to freshen up. Oh.・・・

Tonkotsu Syoyu Ramen(KOSHIYA/Saitama)

Soy sauce taste TONKOTSU
Tonkotsu Syoyu Ramen(KOSHIYA/Saitama)

KOSHIYA(Saitama) My local ramen shop. I’ve eaten but what kind of ramen was it? It is delicious as it is doing it from long ago. I will go. The location is just midway between JR Nishikawaguchi station and Kawaguchi auto racing ground. So there are lots of autograph autographed signature paper in the store. I・・・

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