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Went to Yushima Tenjin for the unseasonly New Year’s visit


Shrine TOKYO

New Year’s visit to the seasons Today is April 13th. I have not been to a New Year ‘s visit this year, so I went to Yushima Tenjin for a seasonal New Year’ s visit. This is the back side of Yushima Tenjin facing Kasuga-street. To be exact, “Yushima Tenman-gu” is. There were a lot・・・

Kabuto Shrine


Shrine TOKYO
Kabuto Shrine

Kabuto Shrine overview Kabuto Shrine is a shrine located in Kabuto-cho Nihonbashi. Kabuto Shrine was established Kabuto Shrine as a symbol of religious faith of all exchanges and guardians in May 1878 (1878) as the Tokyo Stock Exchange (the predecessor of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) was set up . A quiet helmet shrine There is・・・

Kanda Myojin (Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku)


Shrine TOKYO
kanda myuzin

Wandering around Okonomiya and Kanda at work. Is there such a thing here? It was a wonderful shrine. What is Kanda Myojin?・・ Kanda Myojin (Kanedanjinjin) is a shrine sitting in Kotobukida 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. The official name “Kanda Shrine”. It is known as a shrine that performs the Kanda festival. Kanda · Nihonbashi (Northeast Nippombashi・・・

Meiji Shrine (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)


Shrine TOKYO
Meiji zingu

For private use, I went to Shibuya and took a walk from there. Shibuya · Harajuku is walking quite well in the past. But I do not say Meiji Shrine. I got dark in the evening, I tried walking Meiji Shrine for decades. On the way, are there sake and sake? But··· Exhibition of chrysanthemum・・・

Shibamata Emperor Temple (Tokyo)


Shrine TOKYO
shibamata taisyakuten

I am retiring from the company early, this year we will revival debut as a trade. Can you eat? First of all, it is a god-trust. It seems to be one of the shrines and temples that are affiliated to the market It seems that it was written that there is a benefit in the・・・

Naritasan Traffic Safety Prayer



Safety prayers. It costs money but I think that it is better to go as much as it is a used car. By doing prayers, we cut off the thought of the former owner and ritualize as a car race again as our own car. Last year I went to the Kawasaki Daishi for a・・・

Oma Inari Shrine



After taking sushi, I took a walk for a while. I went there because there was Omama Inari shrine in the neighborhood. Oma Inari Shrine Although it is not large, it was made as a local shrine. Wow ~. Is that so. From the shrine you can see the Oma port and Oma-machi

Oyama Shrine



Oyama shrine in the middle of the business district in Kanazawa city area. I went well for the New Year’s visit because it is close. It was a fairly splendid shrine when I looked over it again. It is also a sightseeing spot for Kanazawa. History of Oyama Shrine When Keiji 4 years (1599) Maeda・・・

Izumo Taisha



What is the famous Izumo Taisha shrine? First of all it went. There are plenty of buildings and exhibits on a vast site, and it will take half an hour to uncover the history and to watch and go around. First stop the motorcycle in the parking lot The parking lot of the large Izumo・・・

Enoshima & Ezima Shrine



I went to play to Shonan and Izu well from Saitama · Kawaguchi, but I have never been to Enoshima. On a recent TV, I was doing Enoshima funny system, so why do not you go? That’s right. It is this silhouette. I saw it about 30 times. That’s right. It is this silhouette. I・・・

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