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Miyagi Temple

I will go to the red bridge along the sea after all. It seems that there is Godaido of Nagatori Temple. The view was quite beautiful. By the way, Nogakuji is a national treasure that is away from the sea. Goddōdo which is part of it is here as it is. I will go to・・・



Miyagi Temple

When I finished going around the book Godendo and took a picture with a nice place, “Oku no Otomichi / Zuiganji!” What it is “Oku no Okara”. There! Let’s go! Zuiganji When you pass through souvenirs and souvenirs like approaching! Ahead of that … Oku no Okara! From here? Zuiganji is a temple of the・・・

Kyoto Toji


KYOTO Temple

The junior house of Kyoto was near Toji. Let ‘s meet with your juniors here. In addition, I will do sightseeing in Kyoto. What is Toji (Toji)? Toji is a Buddhist temple located in Kujo-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto city. It is Nemoto Dojo of Shingon sect, which is also the headquarters of Shingon Buddhist. It is・・・

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